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Where life is never boring!

Trough history…

In 1932, Celestin and Tekla Sikic decided to open their own pastry shop in the rental crossing Luze and Stradun, which was well known under a name “Cele” – short for Celestin. Pastry shop “Cele” ran until the end of the World War II, when it was bought by the state and renamed into “Jadranka”. No long after, Mr. Celestin quit his job and started dealing with other occupations. Even after his demission, following generations continued calling the local “Cele”, many of them not knowing where the name comes from.

Café and restaurant ‘Cele’ became the part of the state property, but not for very long. Fortunately the young, hardworking people recognized the potential of the former pastry shop and turned it into one of the most attractive Croatian gourmet and lounge bars today. After they took over the pastry shop in 2006., the young entrepreneurs changed the atmosphere, but the old charm and tradition did not fade away. They left original name – ‘Cele’.

This year, the whole interior was changed. Following trends, a local architect Dubravko Obuljen, applied dark tones with a calming effect composed out of small, stunning details. Dubrovnik’s rozeta was used as his main inspiration. ‘Cele’ is a magical place where your day begins and your night ends.

In the morning, experience the best coffee in the city with the most delicious breakfast, while freshening up with squeezed juice accompanied by the sounds of Dubrovnik’s swift and swallow.

Moreover, Cele offers small meals such as: mini pizzas, burgers, finger food, calamari with Swiss chard, and particular local dishes.

The concept of the cafe and restaurant changes when the night falls. Cocktail tables are set, and a demand for space rises from day to day as we dive into Summer! ‘Cele’ is a place that offers the best entertainment in the city. Every night, guests enjoy various live music genres, as well as the amazing DJ beats.

‘Cele’ is definitely a breathtaking place where the fun never stops!

Placa ulica 20
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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Mon - Sun: 07:00 - 00:00