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Take a diving tour and visit our underwater winery

Diving in Žuljana is organised by the local diving club Barbara Diving, just an hour’s drive away from Dubrovnik.

Take a diving tour and visit our underwater winery. A limited number of NAVIS MYSTERIUM bottles and amphorae are kept in a sunken boat close to Žuljana. We organise on request supervised dives where you can enjoy the spectacular undersea scenery and see first-hand our wine cellar. You can rent diving equipment. Renting includes everything, except diving lamp and computer. We start with tours on May 1st and continue, twice a day, through the summer until November 1st. Groups are small, and the number of people depends on the level of diving experience – for beginners 1 to 4 people, and for more experienced 2-12 people. You will dive with experienced and certificated divers and instructors. You are welcome whether you are recreational or experienced divers.

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