Navis Mysterium Amphora | EDIVO Winery

Find unique souvenir for wine lovers!

The EDIVO winery is one of the unique wineries in the world. Determined to make their wine as unique as humanly possible, this winery decided to age their wine by placing bottles into amphorae which are then immersed into the sea for more than 700 days.

In the beginning, wine is produced and aged for three months on the ground. The grape variety is Plavac mali, and only grapes from premium vineyards go to the underwater aging process. Here, at its sunken bed, these wines rest for the next 18-24 months. All interested visitors are invited to dive in and take a look at the process with the Edivo staff members.

After spending 1-2 years at the sea bottom, every bottle or amphora is unique. Covered in corals, seashells and algae they alone stand like a piece of art. No two are the same, even when they are placed next to each other underwater. The sea gives its specific mark to each one of them, making them a part of Adriatic that you can take home with! That sounds like a great souvenir for all us wine lovers!

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