Dubrovnik Boat Tour 2022

Unforgettable island-hopping adventure!

Explore the beautiful Elaphiti Islands by taking an exciting boat trip from Dubrovnik. Spend the day discovering the Green and Blue cave on Koločep Island, relaxing on a Šunj Bay, and enjoying the best wines and food Dubrovnik has to offer. Accompanied by the local tour guide, you will have an opportunity to get a full insight into the history and culture of these islands.

The first stop of this boat tour will be the island of Lopud which is well-known for beautiful sandy beaches and monasteries rich with various artwork. While being there, you will be able to spend some time swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea if you wish, or you can just relax on the beach. After that, you will head out to the largest island of them all – Šipan Island. The last stop of this full-day tour will be the Koločep Island. Upon stepping foot on this magnificent island, you will be awed by its serenity, the heavenly smell of pine trees, and crystal clear sea filled with fish and clams.

On this island-hopping cruise, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine, which is considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. 

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