BOWA Restaurant

Mediterranean restaurant near Dubrovnik

The largest island in the Elaphite archipelago, with its secluded bays, beaches, cypress trees, groves of orange trees is rich with beauties scattered throughout the forested slopes, and rich in history and legends. This is the island of Šipan, and among its many treasures is one particular well-hidden pearl.

A couple of miles across the water loom the massive mountains of the Croatian mainland, its shades of grey contrasting with the crystal blue sea; should you be looking for an escape from the noise, bustle and crowds of the city you have found it here. This is the restaurant BOWA, a secret paradise and a small world of its own.

How Bowa was created

Three young men were partners in this the project – and they have managed to achieve not only some creative harmony between themselves but with nature around them!
Starting with the simplicity of a stone-built cabin, in a small bay surrounded by pine, oak and cypress trees they set to work – cleaning, repairing, rebuilding. It took many months of arduous and skilled labour, between salt and sun, to achieve this secluded and self-contained piece of paradise.

Three men, three energies, one passion! 

“BOWA is a child of the sea!”
“We drifted in from the sea, drawn by the magic of a mermaid’s call”
“As soon as we found this little bay we knew we had found the rock on which we could settle.”

A Passion for Food

The menu is simplicity itself: the daily catch of fresh fish; hand-picked vegetables; fruit from the garden; island olive oil. What we have that day is what we serve. The menu is a nostalgic tribute to the days when we spent summers with our grandparents. It is very traditional, plain Dubrovnik cuisine – but fresh, and the best!
“What could be better than a grilled sea bass with local home-pressed olive oil?”
Orzo (orzotto in Italian – a semolina-based pasta) is something you should definitely try, and this is could be the only place you will find it. Abandon yourself to the many delights of Bowa – you will not regret it!

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Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 18:00