Clara Stones

Jewellery shop in Dubrovnik.

About Clara Stones

Clara Stones is an extraordinary story of passion for jewellery and coral heritage. Vittorio Ceccarini, born and raised in Milan, founded an independent jewellery brand Clara Stones in 2007 following his family tradition in jewellery making. In 2011 Clara Stones opened its first flagship store and one of the last red coral workshops in Dubrovnik, reviving the lost tradition of coral craft in Croatia.

Inspired by his Italian heritage and Croatian tradition, Vittorio creates stunning heirloom-quality jewellery. Each piece is unique and handmade in Croatia and Italy using carefully selected materials. The fantasy world of Clara Stones jewellery reflects both the innovative approach to design and manufacture techniques, and the respect for heritage, art and nature.


From spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces to signature pieces like coral bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings, Clara Stones uses only quality natural materials and precious metals. Inspired in both his Italian heritage and Croatian tradition, Vittorio transmits his passion for coral through design, techniques and materials used in his creations.

Workshop & Gallery Dubrovnik

Clara Stones Coral Workshop and Gallery is a hidden gem of Dubrovnik, that for those who discover it surprises and delights. In this unique place in Dubrovnik Old Town you can see the meticulous process in which red coral is transformed from raw material branches to finished jewellery and learn why red coral is considered one of the most precious materials in the world since antiquity. Red coral was a very important trading good in times of the Republic of Dubrovnik and regarded as the red gold of the Adriatic. The lost coral craft in Dubrovnik and the Adriatic was revived by Vittorio under mentoring and in the honor of the late Antonino de Simone of Torre del Greco.
Travelers on a quest for an authentic experience visit Clara Stones workshop and leave sharing the red coral passion around the world.

Nalješkovićeva ulica 3
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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