Gundulic Square

The only open­market inside Old Town.

The only open­market inside Old Town will charm you with it’s summer scents of lavender and honey.

While walking the polished stone streets in Dubrovnik, there is a big chance that you will stumble upon the open­air market on Gundulic Square. Once a must­stop point for all residents of the Old Town who went out grocery shopping, open­air market gradually became a tourist stop. Since Gundulic Square no longer offers fresh food for the locals, this isn’t a bad thing, because when you smell the beautiful lavender scent, you will know that this is the place to buy authentic Dubrovnik products.

Sweet­bitter arancini (candied bitter orange peel), lavender bags for closets, dried figs, candied almonds and various liqueurs and brandies, hand crafted souvenirs or lace ­ it’s up to you to choose what your heart fancies!

At noon, you will witness a local custom ­ a special attraction: Just before noon, pigeons will start to land on red hot roofs and as church bells ring, they will rush behind the statue of Ivan Gundulic, as one of the locals will start feeding them. Prepare your cameras, because this happens only once a day!

Gundulićeva poljana 10
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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