Sail into the 16th century and immerse yourself in history with this magnificent replica of a traditional ˝Karaka˝ ship from the era of the Republic of Dubrovnik. We offer the best sailing and cruising experiences around! For many years now, we have been considered the pride of Dubrovnik, and our excellent services and one-hundred-percent customer satisfaction provided us with a stellar reputation.  We rescued the Karaka from oblivion with the help of modern construction materials while taking great care to preserve its authenticity, and its new and luxurious interior design has completely preserved the spirit of Dubrovnik’s famed naval history. Become a part of its legacy yourself!

The Karaka is a five-star ship that is equipped with everything you may possibly need, and thus is the perfect choice for anybody who wants to embark on a truly unique cruise or sailing trip, snap some striking photographs, eat delicious food or simply have fun ˝the old-fashioned way˝.

This is the only real way to cruise around Dubrovnik and its surrounding islands, and all that is missing is – YOU!

Masarykov put 1
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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