Museum of Croatian War of Independence

Located on the ground floor of the Imperial fort on Srđ mountain.

The museum of the Croatian War for Independence is located on the ground floor of the Imperial fort on Srđ mountain. It has around 500 showpieces from the period 1991 to 1995.

The museum has four themes:

  • The fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and history of the Fort Imperial
  • The Serbian­Montenegrin aggression in 1991
  • Days of victory ­ the liberation actions of the Croatian Army
  • Suffering of the people, civilian buildings and cultural monuments

The exhibit consists of documents, art and documentary photographs,weapons, mines and explosive devices, war maps, commands, parts of military equipment, authentic recordings, video materials, the original flag which waved on Srđ in 1991, mine fields maps, war log books and many more.

Homeland war museum will give you detailed insight into agression on Dubrovnik and make you wonder: “Why?”

Exhibition authors: Varina Jurica Turk, Miso Đuras

Srđ ulica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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