Patisserie Pupica / La Poupette

Good food, good wine, good people, good time...

In our patisserie we tried to rehabilitate some old tastes… so we took grandmother s, recipes and our favorites are offered in Pupica, our pastry shop…the address is Cvijete Zuzorić 5…the interior reminds us of an old kitchen, the center of every home where people get together and enjoy the meals…where our friend come for a coffee and a piece of the perfect cake… If you are a chocolate fan we recommend the Black queen… The southern cake will teleport with its taste to the south on the wings of the perfect almond and orange combination… it is also favorite choice for the wedding cake that we often make during the wedding season in Dubrovnik…than there is a home made apple pie and muffins…and an excellent coffee…

For locals, morning at Pupica are reserved for a cup of coffee, local newspaper and some new gossip within the city walls…and our foreign guests enjoy late breakfast, fresh orange juice or a warm sandwich… If you have an occasion for a celebration while in Dubrovnik, we can make and deliver a cake that you like…


Ulica Cvijete Zuzorić 5
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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