Restaurant Taj Mahal

Authentic cuisine restaurant in Dubrovnik!

„Guided by the thought that diversity is a blessing, we are the keepers of the traditional.“ Edin & Edina Taj Mahal offers you a peek into the authentic Bosnian cuisine that is, just like the country itself, a mix of multiple cultures and their flavors. Our authentic cuisine puts a big emphasis on vegetables, fresh herbs, and of course good meat.

All of these must be prepared and combined with each other in perfect proportions. The meat prepared in Taj Mahal comes from our own butcher shop called Taj Butcheraj. This is how we keep up our high quality and standards when it comes to the fine meat we serve. All of the meat is sourced from the small, free-range farms, this way we quarantine you’ll have the complete tasting experience. When it comes to the vegetables we always serve produce that is currently in season and we source it from the local farmers around the Dubrovnik region and all across Croatia. Although we tend to highlight our prime meat menu, you can try many vegetarian dishes in Taj Mahal as well.

Taj Mahal was founded out of the love of two people who share the same devotion for food, tradition, family, and all those so-called aged customs that include the smell of good food cooking, a table full of food, and that one plate always ready for any guests that may come. People we work with are our family, with whom we enjoy spending time and entertaining others with delicious food in a positive, fun, and warm atmosphere of our restaurants.

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Contact: +385 20 640 123 | +385 20 323 221

Ulica Iva Vojnovića 14
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 24:00