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Imagine a place where your every moment is a pure bliss.

Imagine a place where your every moment is a pure bliss. Imagine the warm, discreet service of people who know you by name. Let yourself be surprised by details in a place where your wishes come first.

The idea that brought Lejletul accommodation to light has sprung out of the restaurant that has been keeping traditional Bosnian cuisine alive and well for almost a decade. The distinctly Indian name and homemade Bosnian food of the Taj Mahal restaurant is what attracts both tourists and locals wishing to try out the masterfully prepared dishes that represent a perfect marriage of spices. Lejletul continues in this well-paved road, offering a thoughtfully designed modern accommodation that stays true to the Islamic decorating traditions in the midst of Nikole Gučetića Street in Dubrovnik‘s Old Town.

{ SOFRA } Welome place to eat and share
{ KADR } The night of the decree of destiny
{ REGAIB } The night for hopeful wishes
{ BEDR } The night of battle and persistence

Its name is inspired by the word “lejletu-l”, a Bosnian transcription of the name for the Islamic holy nights as mentioned in the Qur’an. Lejletul comprises 4 independent units; three color coded apartments and a spacious communal dining area. Regaib is thus bathed in mystical purple Kadr is richly green while Bedr, with traditional Turkish seating, evokes the purity of this holy Islamic night through the color White. Sofra, a communal dining area where guest can eat and snare, completes the accommodation. The apartments’ design represents a perfect fusion of the Middle Eastern magic with clean modern lines, providing a refreshingly new interior hidden behind the Old City walls.

The line of furniture “Lejla” developed out of this decorating project. it combines bent metal straight wood characteristic colors and subtly carved geometric patterns to create a unique interior design that openly flirts with minimalism while still telling an elaborate story of mystical East.

Ulica Nikole Gučetića 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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